If I could sum up my lessons with Liuba in one word, it would be joy. Working with her is a genuine pleasure; I’ve never had singing lessons before, but I’ve never once felt self-conscious or uncomfortable. Highly recommended!
Mary-Irene Lang

I have always wanted to join in the kind of dancing that people do after a meal nothing fancy, just relaxed but lively, and have always been very stiff and shy about doing so. I asked Liuba if she would help me. I have a poor visual and bodily memory, but she has been most patient with me, inventing new steps, getting me to listen to the rhythm, to smile, and have “ATTITUDE”, as she calls it.

The best thing, though, is that Liuba is happy to take your requests about what you want to learn and do, and helps you work with that. I would highly recommend lessons with her. Also, she’s a nice person.

Once I’ve gone dancing, I’ll let you know how it was!
Ruth Loshak

“Liuba has a unique approach to teaching singing, since having lessons with Liuba my voice is improving drastically – in a good way :)”
Charlie, Cambridge

” I’m a seasoned singer-songwriter but decided to improve my vocal ability a few months back. I can attest to Liuba’s skill,patience and aptitude. She never asked me to do this feedback and I’ve done it because as a teacher myself,when i spot another good one,(and in terms of teaching my subject, i think I’m that!) I feel that person deserves recognition. Give her a shot.”
John, Cambridge

“Since learning with Liuba, my singing has improved in leaps and bounds. She not only is an excellent teacher technically but is very good a knowing what stage each individual singer/voice is at and what needs to be done to improve it. My lessons are tailor made to not only what my voice needed to take it to the next level, but also to suit my style of singing.

She’s very versatile when it comes to teaching, from doing pop and even my own songs/genre. Since she suggested working on opera, my technical ability as well has also improved, even though I am not an opera singer!
After having a few lessons with previous teachers, I know that the exercises and theories she uses are very unique, and really do work. Her teaching is laid back but meticulous and she pays attention to detail in the voice which is something I really look for in a teacher.

I, my friends and family all can hear the progress that I have made. Also I regularly use recordings of our lessons/excerices which really helps to improve during lessons.

I already have recommended her to several family members and friends!”
Navina, Cambridge