Recording Studio

Why record your voice?

IMG_1931Singing lessons with the vocal coach can become much more effective when we are able to clearly hear how our voice is responding to the suggestions of the teacher.

When we listen to a recording of our voice to a backing track we get very clear feedback on the strengths and the working areas in our vocal performance.

Because of this, you and the vocal coach can be much more specific about what to focus on to improve your performance and take it to a professional level.

What happens in the recording session?

Everything in the studio is set-up so that you are comfortable and able to give your best performance. The producer sets up your chosen track in the recording program beforehand and helps you to find the optimal place in-front of the microphone to have the cleanest of recording. The vocal coach is also at hand to offer encouragement and guidance with technique. Once you and the vocal coach are happy with your recorded voice, the session comes to an end. The producer then works on mixing the track ready to send you the finished and polished version.

Where does the recording take place?

In a recording studio which is close to the singing studio.

What will I receive from the recording session?

A WAV file or high quality mp3 version of your song will be sent to you within a day or two.

How will you benefit from the recording?

IMG_1929Going into a studio and recording your voice to a backing track is an important part of every singers learning journey. Generally, confidence and motivation to improve come from having this experience.

It’s great also, to be able to let your friends and family hear how your voice is improving.

In addition to this, if you want to sing professionally, it’s very important to have a demo of your voice that is well recorded.

Price and terms

£40 per song (including WAV or mp3 mix-down). Cancellation can be made 3 days prior to recording without a charge incurred.


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