Terms & Conditions


Times and dates are subject to availability and approval of Singing Attitude Studio; who reserve the right
to refuse and reschedule any booking. Singing Attitude reserves the right to cancel bookings at any time
with or without prior notice or explanations. Any booking(s) that is cancelled by Singing Attitude will not be
chargeable to the student. If you are regular student you have to book your sessions at the beginning of
each month.


Lessons start sharply on time and finish on time. When you arrive at the singing studio please wait in the
waiting room. The tutor will invite you to the session room after the lesson scheduled before you is
finished. If you are late for the session(s) Singing Attitude doesn’t take responsibility for that. Please
reserve plenty of time to be on time for the sessions.


Students aged 17 years and under must be accompanied by a responsible parent or guardian who must
stay at the Singing Attitude (Studio Rhinocorn) for the duration of the lesson.


Every student has to pay for the session at least 72 hours before the lesson if it is your first session or
you are on/off student or occasional student. If you have not paid for the lesson(s) then your session(s)
been cancelled by Singing Attitude. If you are regular student you have to make the payment at the
beginning of every single month.


You can cancel your session(s) at least 72 hours before your session starts without having to pay. All
cancellations of any type of reasons not made on time are charged for the full price of the session.
Singing Attitude does not receive cancellations on Sundays. Therefore if you have a session on Monday
please cancel on Thursday and if you have a session on Tuesday please cancel on Friday.
If you cancel a session(s) in the month you booked, you have to complete the session(s) in that month.
You can’t transfer your session(s) to the following month.


If you have cancelled you session(s) more than 72 hours you can claim your money back within a week.
Please send your vocal coach an email with your bank details. Note, we cannot refund you if you have
cancelled your session less than 72 hours or you have been late for your scheduled session.


Any damage to the studio or its equipment due to misuse or abuse will be charged. Refusal to pay for
breakages or damage may lead to exclusion and prosecution.


Please make sure that you do not leave personal items unattended and ensure that you take all of your
belongings with you when you leave. Singing Attitude and Rhinocorn Studio are not responsible for any
items that are lost or damaged on the premises.


Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere inside the studio complex.


The studio operates a zero drugs tolerance policy. If you are suspected of or found to be in possession of
ANY CLASS of drugs on the premises, you will be asked to leave and reported to the police.