If I could sum up my lessons with Liuba in one word, it would be joy. Working with her is a genuine pleasure; I’ve never had singing lessons before, but I’ve never once felt self-conscious or uncomfortable. Highly recommended!
Mary-Irene, USA 

Liuba is a fantastic vocal coach. She teaches a wide range of styles and her knowledge is excellent. Highly recommended!!
Mike, professional musician, Cambridge 

I’ve been having singing lessons with Liuba for a year and I have already learnt loads. She’s really clear about what I should do and teaches me a lot of techniques I find very useful! We also get on really well.
Miliuka, Cambridge

Liuba is amazing teacher and person. She completely understand my needs and how to conduct lessons in an interesting and very affecting way. I feel that I improve my singing very much!!! Liuba Doga Singing School taught me also how to control emotions and stress connected with performing and recording in the studio. It’s marvelous experience with incredible woman 😉 6 stars or even more!!!
Julia, Poland 

Liuba is a fantastic teacher!!She is perfectionist and always wants to bring the best out of you.She explains everything very well and very patient.Exactly the kind of teacher I need! I love love my singing lessons.;) Can’t wait to continue my singing journey. Thank you!
Elo, Hungary 

I recently had my very first singing lesson with Liuba as a gift, i really enjoyed the experience and learnt a lot from such a talented and experienced singer/teacher. She really pushed me and taught me different terminology and basic exercises/techniques which were fun! i could have expected anything better and im proud of what i accomplished from that session. It was a really pleasant experience. Thank you Liuba!
Dan, Cambridge 

My daughter Melanie has recently started taking lessons with Liuba and has already made tremendous progress in her singing. Liuba is a very enthusiastic teacher and her enthusiasm is contagious. She has a very individualised approach that focuses on my daughter’s strengths and areas for improvement in a highly supportive and encouraging environment. Melanie is looking forward to every lesson and is encouraged to take part in different singing competitions. She is blessed to have Liuba as a teacher! Thank you very much!
Lola, Russia 

I had lessons with Liuba, until I became ill and couldn’t go any more. I miss those lessons very much. She made me look at my singing in a new way – technically and philosophically. She didn’t just teach me technique, but also enhanced my attitude to singing. I hope to be able to have lessons again when the time is right. I wouldn’t go to anybody else.
Barbara singer Germany 

“Liuba has a unique approach to teaching singing, since having lessons with Liuba my voice is improving drastically – in a good way :)”
Charlie, Cambridge

” I’m a seasoned singer-songwriter but decided to improve my vocal ability a few months back. I can attest to Liuba’s skill,patience and aptitude. She never asked me to do this feedback and I’ve done it because as a teacher myself,when i spot another good one,(and in terms of teaching my subject, i think I’m that!) I feel that person deserves recognition. Give her a shot.”
John, Liverpool

Loving my lessons with Liuba. She builds up your confidence and brings out the best in you. Very positive, talented professional vocal coach!
Eleana, Cambridge 

Liuba is an affectionate and reliable singing teacher. She has a variety of ways to teach so I can learn new things from each and every lessons. Her unique method changed my attitude to singing. Although I can’t speak English very well,she teaches me enthusiastically,by correcting my pronunciation and I can add passion to my singing. Thank you for your fantastic support!
Amy, Japan

I have improved a lot and developed my techniques. Excellent coaching!
Shing Yi, China

Liuba has taught my once-shy daughter how to use her voice!
Heather Kara, parent Cambridge

“Since learning with Liuba, my singing has improved in leaps and bounds. She not only is an excellent teacher technically but is very good a knowing what stage each individual singer/voice is at and what needs to be done to improve it. My lessons are tailor made to not only what my voice needed to take it to the next level, but also to suit my style of singing.

She’s very versatile when it comes to teaching, from doing pop and even my own songs/genre. Since she suggested working on opera, my technical ability as well has also improved, even though I am not an opera singer!
After having a few lessons with previous teachers, I know that the exercises and theories she uses are very unique, and really do work. Her teaching is laid back but meticulous and she pays attention to detail in the voice which is something I really look for in a teacher.

I, my friends and family all can hear the progress that I have made. Also I regularly use recordings of our lessons/excerices which really helps to improve during lessons.

I already have recommended her to several family members and friends!”
Navina, singer song-writer Cambridge

Excellent vocal coach. Dragged me out of my comfort zone & got me to push my abilities & realise my potential. Highly recommended. I look forward to working with her in the future.
Jonny, professional musician Spain 

I have been singing for 1 and a half years with Liuba and I already feel she has made me improve, we have recorded a few songs throughout the time and just by listening to them you can hear how much I’ve improved. She has a very thorough warm-up which prepares you for the song and when you do sing your songs she gives very helpful tips and gives demonstrations. If you want to improve your singing then Liuba is definitely going to help.
Victor Perlov, Russia

I have a great time with her at my lessons. I have improved a lot since we first started and made me feel more comfortable with singing. I definitely recommend her if you want to learn or improve.
Sadan, London 

Liuba is a brilliant singing teacher, and I love my lessons with her. She is very knowledgeable and a great encourager. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their singing.
Eleanor Scott, Cambridge 

Amazing experience! Liuba will take you out of your comfort zone and make you comfortable using your voice, she has a very interesting approach to teaching and will draw out the best in you! These are not just singing lessons, they are self-confidence lessons too and almost life coaching! She is a wonderful happy person, a great teacher and very professional! I am glad I was recommended to her.
Cisco, Portugal

The best thing, though, is that Liuba is happy to take your requests about what you want to learn and do, and helps you work with that. I would highly recommend lessons with her. Also, she’s a nice person.
Ruth, Cambridge

If I had started with a teacher like you a few years ago….I would have been performing at the Opera House by now…..or perhaps I did….in another birth! Many thanks to you. A remarkable teacher. With love, blessings & gratitude.
Sharon, London